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At Bub Society we’re more than just a family, we’re a pack. A pack with a purpose. Like the wolves, we support each other through every season, work together to build a better community and protect each other’s young.

In this digital age, we have more opportunities to stay connected than ever before in history, which is why we invite you to join our BUB Society membership. Joining our membership is joining our pack. Whether you’re a mom looking to get fit, or a dad hoping to to find his voice or a grandma seeking travel opportunities – whatever the need we have you covered.

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Becoming a new parent or grandparent is a life changing experience. For most of us, we have no idea what we’re getting into until we’re all the way in! Amazing, unexpected, challenging, validating and frustrating are a few of many words we’ve heard people use when describing the new family experience. There’s no such thing as a wrong feeling, which is why we write about it! The BUB Society Blog focuses on exploring the new parent and grandparent experience. We offer words of wisdom and encouragement, along with some entertainment and sass, just to keep things a little spicy!

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Being a parent entails so many choices and not enough time! Let BUB Society assist you in finding the products you need to thrive during those golden years with your kids. From sleeping (or lack there of) shenanigans to feeding frenzies to teething nightmares…we at BUB have been there and we have you covered! We review top items and services that pertain to all things family. If there’s something out there that will rock your world, you’ll hear about it from us!


The BUB Society Membership

The BUB Society Membership is an exclusive online community of families. Are you looking for ways to raise your family to the next level? Do you desire deeper, more meaningful relationships within your family? Are you interested in hearing more about ways to connect with other families, unique travel opportunities and an overall enhancement on the family experience? If the answer is YES, then this Pack is for you! Membership begins in October 2016. Stay tuned for more details, coming soon! Click the button to lean more!

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