3 Day Potty Training, Does It Work?

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After stepping into the uncharted territory of 3-day potty training for twins, I thought I would die.

It was a mess!

First, I set my cooking clock for every half hour for potty time. Eventually we moved to an hour schedule. Somehow my twins were able to coordinate with each other, and once when they had an accident, they did it at the same time on the floor!

I was so frantic!

All I could think about was cleaning up the mess before our dog or my crawling daughter discovered the mess. And my dog was so quick. He loved eating the poop! So gross!

It was a comical situation, but at the time I wasn’t laughing…

One time, Twin #1 pooped in his pants and decided to change it by himself. He put the pooped pants back into his drawer and changed his underpants without letting me know. I smelled it the moment I walked into their room. Talk about a crazy mess! Once I had finally cleaned up the disaster zone, I had no other choice but to do a shot of cream sherry, just to clean the stink out of my nose.

Here is a valuable article and a book I read before I started the potty training.

Potty Training in 3 days or less

3 Day Potty Training

Here are some items I installed in our bathroom and in our living room that helped me with the “3 day potty training”.


Mayfair 83SLOWA NextStep Adult Toilet Seat with Built-in Child Potty Training Seat, Round, White

It’s been a year and a half and so far, I love this toilet seat! I know, it’s crazy to be so excited about a toilet seat, but I am. This makes it so easy to put the twins on the toilet very fast! When they need to go, they really need to go! To use it, you just put the little seat on top of the big toilet seat, and they can go on the big toilet. The best part is that I don’t have to transfer their poop into the toilet and do all that fussy, messy stuff. Just make sure your toilet will fit with these measurements.



Prince Lionheart pottyPOD, Berry Blue

This portable potty was in the living room, just in case the twins could not make it on time to the bathroom. Also, I take it on our car trips everywhere so when they need to go, I just pull over on the side of the road, and they can do their business.




Glad OdorShield 100% Compostable Tall Kitchen Trash Bags, Fresh Clean, 13 Gallon, 10 Count

You just need to line it with a plastic bag (preferably biodegradable) before they go in it, so you can tidy it up and throw it away. Flush out the big poop and throw away the plastic bag when you do find that public toilet. Also, I still use an empty bottle of vitamin water because it has a bigger opening for pees for that emergency in the car.



My attempt at 3-day potty training was not very successful, but it did get me off to a good start with training the twins. I believe every child has a different schedule, and our twins took about 2-3 months to really get it down. The important thing I learned is that I had to find a way to not stress out when our twins had accidents. This was challenging for me because I felt like I was an inadequate mother when the twins had their accidents. I soon realized that my children felt my stress, and that stressed them out.

The twins are now successfully potty trained, but they still do have an accident once in a blue moon. When this happens, we just act like it is nothing special and say, “Where do we go potty?” to which they respond, “in the toilet,” and that is that.

There are so many other things in their world to learn and overcome. Potty training is one hill that we “think’ we’ve jumped over.

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