3 Precious Moments You Don’t Want To Miss With Your Baby

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I had 24 minutes. 

24 minutes to write 10 emails, wrap up a design project and balance our family budget. Impossible you say? Well, it’s amazing what a mom can accomplish under pressure, in this case, that pressure being my 15-month-old son wrapped around my left leg screaming at the top of his lungs. This was not a new scenario, but one I had learned to take in strides and work through. Being a work-from-home, stay-at-home-mom entails a solid list of challenges, the biggest one being juggling time with my baby and meeting work deadlines.

During the first year of being a new mom, I somehow managed to jumble my way through dirty diapers and nursing marathons while becoming an expert left hand typer. Although I filled the roll of “mom” and employee, I can’t say I was able to give either 100% of myself. Upon realizing this, I decided it was time to make a change. I put my notice in with my client and am gearing up to be what I (and my son) want more than anything: a 100% present mom! Am I nervous? Of course I am. I have worked and brought in my own income since I was 13. My independence is a huge part of my identity. But time is not slowing down, in fact, it feels like it has accelerated ever since I became a mom. Every milestone my son hits represents more of my time with him as a baby behind me. Letting go of my job is hard, but necessary for me at this point in my life. It allows me to watch (with focus) my son as he grows from baby to little kid, a change that happens in the blink of an eye. It also allows me to put more time into my own budding business. Pursuing my dreams is something I want my son to see me doing. No better time to start than now! Knowing these things gives me the peace, even though we will be living on a tight budget.

Are you a new mom who wants to soak up every part of the baby phase? Here are 3 Precious Moments You Don't Want To Miss With Your Baby.I realize that as moms, we all have different situations when it comes to our home life. There is no one right way to raise your babies, and as long as you are providing a safe and loving home for your child, you’re doing it right my friend. 🙂

If you’re feeling time slip through your fingers and are looking for ways you can spend that quality time with your baby, try one (or all) of the following:

Dance With Them

Those little arms spread wide, reaching up to you will someday be a distant memory you will fight to hold on to. Sure, there’s a pile of dishes in the sink. But guess what? They’ll always be there. This adorable little person who wants nothing more than to be secure in your arms? They will grow up and eventually move on to wanting to dance with someone else. Don’t let your “To Do” list steal another precious moment. Pick your baby up and let them snuggle into your neck while their body goes limp with comfort. Put on your favorite song, close your eyes and allow yourself to just sway to the music. Absorb and fully realize the sensation of your baby melting into you. There is nothing more pure and precious than this moment, and someday…you will crave it.

Nap With Them

We’re often told to “get our stuff done when they sleep.” In my house, its the only time I have to really buckle down and get work done. I’ll put a dent in my overflowing inbox, fold that week-old basket of laundry and bust out that blog post that’s been writing itself in my head for the last month. Every now and then I’ll poke my head into my room and gaze at the little body of my son spread out, deep in a sleep coma on my bed. I always feel an inner pull to go lay down next to him. But I resist and pull myself back into the rush of getting things done before he wakes up. The other day, I was gazing at his feet, still small but not nearly as tiny as they were the day he was born. I realized how quickly time was passing, and that it had no intention of slowing down. I tip-toed to my bed, slid under the covers and gently pulled him in so that I could smell his sweet little head. I gazed at his flawless skin and smiled at the soft shadow his long eyelashes cast on his cheek. I thought about how someday, sooner than I realize, those chubby cherub cheeks will be covered in beard stubble. The opportunity to snuggle and nap with your little one comes and goes so quickly. Don’t let the pressures of your day take precedence over making a memory. Instead, climb into bed and get your snuggle on!

Hold them

I know, you feel like your arms will fall off at times, you hold your baby so much. But when I say hold them, I mean turn your phone off, snuggle into a comfy couch or chair, and allow your baby to fall asleep in your arms. Listen to the rhythm of their breathing and feel the calming effect your presence has on them. They need and want you more than anything right now. You could commit the biggest blunder of your life and they would still be your biggest fan. Allow yourself to gaze at their perfect little ears, noses and mouths. Kiss their little feet, because someday you will not want their feet near you…believe me! Memorize what it feels like to hold them in your arms and allow the visual of their little sleeping bodies to seep into your brain. Someday, that vision will be a little piece of heaven to you!

Are you a new mom who wants to soak up every part of the baby phase? Here are 3 Precious Moments You Don't Want To Miss With Your Baby.


How do you create memorable moments with your baby in the midst of a busy day? We’d love to hear from you.

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  1. You perfectly captured done of my favorite moments with my almost 3 month old. I am going back to work soon and dreading all the moments I’ll miss. He’s a grumpy little guy after 4:00 these days, and I just keep thinking how that’s how I’ll remember his infancy, rather than his smiley, laughing self in the earlier hours of the day. I love my job– and I didn’t imagine the pull to stay home would be so strong.

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