5 Ways to Celebrate Grandma on Mother’s Day

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When I was growing up, I never spent much time with my grandmas.

They were kind of like fairy godmothers to me, twinkling stars somewhere out there, that watched over me from a distance. I knew they loved me and cared, but life and distance got in the way. Now that they are gone and I’m a grandma myself, I wish they had been a much larger part of my life.


Growing up, on Mother’s Day, it was just mom that we made fancy cards for. We took her out to dinner or made a special one at home as dad oversaw our efforts in the kitchen. Celebrating Grandma too was never a consideration on Mother’s Day.

Today grandparents have a much larger role in the family as both parents often must continue to work outside the home. Our society is also much more difficult to navigate for young and impressionable minds that require assistance. There are many circumstances where grandma often fills the bill and comes up beside parents to help care for and nurture the kids. Her presence and help is often priceless, and her dedication unmatched anywhere else. A wise and loving grandma will take a back seat and support mom and dad to be the best parents they can be.


Did you know that there is Grandparents Day, but no Grandma’s day specifically for her? With this in mind, I thought how important it is to remember grandma on Mother’s Day too. Mom will always be mom in our worlds, and she deserves all the love and pampering we can give her. But let’s not forget grandma and the sacrificial love and support she brings to the family.

Here are some ideas to celebrate grandma on Mother’s Day that we know she will love.

1. Grandma’s love receiving mail from their grandkids. A handwritten letter with the grandkids artwork will bring a smile to her face and maybe even a tear or two.

2. Make a lunch date with grandma if she lives close by. Ask her about what life was like when she was growing up. You are bound to learn so much you didn’t know.

3. Make glowing photo luminaries with votives or a lampshade of family photos that will light up her life with images of her grandchildren.

4. Visit her with a beautiful vase of flowers, a hug and a kiss. Sit down for a few minutes and really listen to her. Call her if she lives too far away.

5. Find a time to go clean her house/room, bring a treat, and give her the that same love she has shown you in the past.


Love knows no bounds, and a grandmother’s heart is one with her family, especially her grandchildren. So remember Grandma in some small way, even if it is phone call to say how much she means to you.

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