7 Convenient Places You’re Guaranteed to Make Mom Friends

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It’s common for mothers (especially new moms) to feel isolated from their peers.  Because moms get so caught up in taking care of their families, they often don’t have time to make friends.  Making a mom friend can be a huge blessing.  It’s so important to find a community of other women who are in a similar stage of life as you. Once you find your tribe, you will have people to turn to when you need advice, a hug, or just someone to watch your kids.   Today, I’m going to share some tips on how to easily make some mom friends.
1. Attend Library Story Hours
If you go to your local library’s story hour, you will notice that there are a lot of kids.  You also will notice that there are a lot of moms.  A story hour is a great place to make new mom friends. Why not strike up a conversation with the mother and her child who are sitting beside you?
2. Local Pool
If you have a local pool, then I suggest going there during the summer if you wish to make some mom friends.  Pools are hangout joints for moms and kids.  Because most moms are going to be sunning themselves or hanging out in the pool, this is a very relaxed atmosphere to visit.  Check out your local pool in the summer, and I bet you will leave with some new mom friends.
3. Playground
A playground can be a great place for kids to play while mom’s visit.  Go check out your local playground, and you should be able to find some moms there to meet.
4. Visit a Beach or Lake
If you have any body of water close to you that is open to the public in the warmer months, chances are you will find moms there.  Kids like to swim in the summer.  Where there is water, there will be kids. And where there are kids, you guessed it.  There will be moms.
5. Attend a Kids Workshop
If you go to a children’s event, you’ll find moms.  Try going to a Home Depot or Michael’s kid’s workshop.  The events are usually free and only require that you sign up.  The nice thing about a workshop is that an instructor will be teaching the class while you may have time to visit with other moms.
6. Attend an Exercise Class
A local community center or gym is a great place to find mom friends.  Make sure to arrive early and plan to stay after class so that you can meet potential mom friends. Some moms attend classes that have child care on site.  If you arrive early enough, you can see which ladies arrive with kids. Chances are good that the ones with kids are the moms.
7. Go to a Grocery Store
The thing about kids is that they can eat a lot while fueling those growing bodies.  Moms are usually the ones responsible for shopping for the food.  So what better place to find moms than at a grocery store.  You can even kind of scope out potential mom friends before approaching them. But don’t be too judgemental.  That mom with the screaming kid in the check out line may be hoping for a mom friend to talk to, that is just like you.
Don’t Be Shy. Make the First Move
If you want some mom friends, you are going to have to put your fears aside and approach other moms.  Walk right up to a mom that is watching her children play.  Introduce yourself.  Start the conversation ball rolling.  That other mom may be shyer than you are.  It would be a shame if both of you were too afraid to meet each other.  Just think of all the friends you are passing on by, without introducing yourself.  It’s time to stop being shy.
Don’t Forget To Get Your New Friend’s Contact Info
If you happen to make a new mom friend, make sure that you exchange some type of contact information.  An email or cell phone number is good to have in case you’d like to meet again.  Maybe even schedule a playdate or plans to meet again, right then and there.  If you really want a new mom friend, then whatever you do, make sure to find a way to contact your new friend.
Final Thoughts
Moms can get stuck in a rut when it comes to making new friends.  Even if you were Miss Social Butterfly before you became a mom, your new mom schedule might be preventing you from finding friends.  To find mom friends, you are going to have to go where moms hang out. I’ve given some tips in this article on where to find those places.  When you get in the vicinity of another mom, don’t be shy.  Make the first move and introduce yourself.  You never know. You may have just met your new best lifelong friend.  Good luck!
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Mariann Foster is a content writer at OurStart.com. OurStart is a lifestyle blog for women. They regularly publish content on pregnancy, parenting, marriage, and motherhood. Mariann is also a homeschool mom to her daughter, Maria and a business owner in Parkman, Wyoming.  She operates Big Horn Mountain Alpacas which includes 17 alpacas, 2 horses, 1 donkey,  9 livestock guardian dogs, 3 geese, 9 laying hens, 8 runner ducks, 3 cats and 2 angora rabbits.  Mariann greatly enjoys the daily farm life and competing in trail races with her daughter. 

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