The 4 Best National Parks To Visit On Your Eastern European Family Vacation

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If you want to take your European Family Vacation to the next level, pay a visit to one of these amazing national parks. While there is so much nature and wildlife to explore, sadly many travelers tend to overlook these historic places of beauty. Each of these peaceful,  magnificent national parks are great for a mind-relaxing and educational holiday. So pack your bags, leave behind your hectic lifestyle and pamper yourself with nature. Enjoy the fascination of waterfalls, rivers, and lakes and get thrilled by canoeing along with many other water sports. The mountain peaks and valleys are perfect for hiking and cycling. You will even come across rare animal and bird species on your way, so get ready for unique encounters.

Here are the top picks for national parks in Eastern Europe you must visit.

Triglav National Park, Slovenia

If you want to take your European Family Vacation to the next level, pay a visit to one of these historic and amazing national parks.

Slovenia has always amazed its visitors with an assortment of things. This solitary national park is one of the most beautiful places to visit when in Slovenia. It is one of the oldest and best preserved national parks in Eastern Europe. The centerpiece is Mount Triglav, the highest peak in Slovenia after which the park was named. Upon entering through the gates you will encounter amazing and scenic views bound by nature. Unlike in many conventionalized parks, Triglav owns a touch of wildness allowing it’s visitors to explore nature in its purest forms. When you pass towering peaks, valleys, rivers, lakes and the lush greenery you will find each to be only more beautiful than the other.

The area is perfect for camping and lodging with a mind-relaxing atmosphere. The Alpine Meadows are inviting for hiking and skiing with many trails available. If you want to get the best out of Triglav, immerse yourself in a range of activities like cycling, kayaking, and many thrilling water sports.

Get your family up early and visit the park at dawn to witness a spectacular view of beaming sunlight through the thick woods.

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Trakai Historical National Park, Lithuania

If you want to take your European Family Vacation to the next level, pay a visit to one of these historic and amazing national parks.

What Lithuania has to offer you is something completely different and unique. The Trakai Historical National Park is one of the amazing national parks in Eastern Europe one must visit. Originally designed to encircle the remarkable city of Trakai, the national park adds a stunning tone and glamor to the whole city.

The most remarkable monuments in the park are Trakai Insular Castle and the remains of the Peninsula Castle. Once you encounter the wilderness, the lakes and rivers surrounding these castles, you will surely remember the happily ever after fairy tales with princesses and charming princes. Of course, the tour to these castles is the most famous activity among tourists in Takai. Stand Up Paddle surfing is a great way to explore Takai. But you can always choose to go sight-seeing on foot. The environ of Trakai is a top attraction for history seekers and nature lovers. The blend of both is what will make your visit indescribably memorable.

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Lahemaa National Park, Estonia

If you want to take your European Family Vacation to the next level, pay a visit to one of these historic and amazing national parks.

For a perfect country retreat in Estonia, divulge yourself in Lahemaa National Park. With centuries old landscapes and beautiful coastline, Lahemaa offers a perfect setting for a tranquil holiday. Being one of the most important national parks in Eastern Europe, it is a habitat for diverse species of animals. It’s a special sight of wild boars, brown bears, lynxes, foxes and other animals for animal enthusiasts. Picturesque waterfalls and rivers running through grand limestone rocks and erratic rocks create a picture-perfect setting. The coastline on the other hand with rustic coastal villages invites you to lodge around there to get the best of Lahemaa.

The centerpiece of the park is the baroque mansion, Palmse Manor. It is full of diverse events designed to charm romantics, excite adventurers and history enthusiasts and even children. The open-air museum is also equally popular with historical buildings and grand architecture. The park is best explored through cycling which is quite easier and very interesting. But you can also choose your own trail and backpack towards some hiking.

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Bialowieza National Park, Poland

If you want to take your European Family Vacation to the next level, pay a visit to one of these historic and amazing national parks.

From your very first glance of the park, wild nature with lush forestry and perfect greenery will encircle you magically. Remember when you are in Bialowieza National Park, you are amongst one of the primeval and an immense forest in Europe itself. So brace yourself for an experience excitingly different. This crown jewel of Poland’s nature parks is home to an abundance of species. There are around 61 species of mammals including lynx, elks, roe deer and wild boar. It is also a habitat for a variety of birds, raptors, and amphibians. Due to this, it is one of the preferred national parks in Eastern Europe by nature lovers and animal activists.

To get the real essence of the wilderness, get yourself into hiking or cycling to explore wildlife. You can even enjoy the taste of forest fruits like strawberries or raspberries on your way. While the park is accessible for most parts, there is a restricted reserve area which can only be accessed through horse carriages with a valid permit. It is essential that you prepare yourself to the level best and an experienced guide is mandatory.

The peacefulness of the entire place is extraordinary and long lasting. Discovering animal existence on your way through the forest is truly a rare and a lively experience. Bialowieza National Park is a trace for how our own great forests would have looked like once upon a time.

For more on more on the history and features of Bialowieza National Park, click here.

These national parks call out to all those who want a break from the city life. We highly recommend you include these parks on your family travel bucket list, as they are reserves meant to be seen and praised. They display nature and wildlife in their most authentic and decorative forms. Mute yourself from feigned noise and embrace the true essence of natural vibrancy and music. These national parks in Eastern Europe will definitely grant your family memories that will last a lifetime.


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