Why Running Is So Good For Moms (Especially While They’re Weaning)

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I saw a quote online that inspired me today. “Going for a run isn’t mommy being selfish…it’s mommy being AWESOME!” After a long week of trying REALLY hard to wean my strong-willed 2 year old son, I threw in the white towel and declared “That’s it! I will be breastfeeding forever!” In all seriousness, nothing would make this […]

Choosing A Jogging Stroller: The BOB Revolution PRO vs. The Thule Urban Glide

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***Disclosure*** I wrote this review based off of my own research. Nothing I’m writing is factual but purely based on my opinion. Because I own the Thule Urban Glide Stroller I’m able to write out of personal experience. For my review of the BOB Revolution PRO I combined my own research with the reviews of […]