3 Cornerstones For Your Child’s Success At School

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In order for our children to succeed both in school and in life, we need to provide them with a strong family base and instill good values from a young age. Kids need a safe and stimulating learning environment, one in which they can explore, be inquisitive and have the opportunity to learn from their own mistakes. If we try to over-parent them, control every aspect of their coming of age, they will learn to rely on you for everything and lose the ability to make their own decisions and choices.

Our job as moms is to provide our children with a strong foundation, one we continue to build upon it. So, when it comes to education, having great cornerstones in place is key for success.

1. Find the right amount of pressure

Putting too much pressure on your child to learn things and adopt new skills can have a negative effect, and potentially damage their confidence. On the other hand, not having any expectations might translate into you being uninterested in their future. The best way to determine the amount of pressure you can put on your child to succeed is to monitor their behavior and the rate at which they adopt new knowledge and skills as well as the manner in which they apply them. Based on that, you will learn what your child is truly capable of, as opposed to what you think they can do. With the right type of pressure at just the right moment, you can help your kid reach their full academic potential. This goes for moms of toddlers and college students alike.

2. Help them develop basic skills

When it comes to education, the three main skills your child needs to learn in order to succeed are reading, writing and oral expression. By excelling in these three they will have a great basis for all other academic challenges. Oral communication skills come first, with the first words, and sentences. You already know that in the beginning kids, especially babies and toddlers,  are prone to using gesture rather than words, so it is up to us as mums to help them refocus that desire and start expressing their ideas and thoughts orally. Having the confidence to do so will help them be more certain of themselves when it comes to expressing their knowledge in school.

When it comes to literacy remember that practice always makes perfect.  So apart from opting for quality institutions like early literacy Lane Cove childcare center, we need to do our part of the work at home. By teaching our child to read we are opening the door for them to explore different worlds, expand their horizons and let their imagination roam free. Their inner world will be richer for it and it will reflect on their school success. Writing as a skill is important for their personal expression, and by helping them learn it you are will be gaining the opportunity to peek into the inner workings of their mind.

3. Learn to communicate

Children learn their communicational skills from their parents. So the tone you use and your choice of words will have a great effect on how your child communicates with others. This is where we as mums need to work extra hard, and at the same time be both teachers and students. Learning to control our responses, putting our emotions into words, and taking the time to explain things is crucial in teaching our kids proper communication. So instead of just saying no, make sure you accompany that decision with an appropriate explanation as to why something is not allowed. That way your child will have a better understanding of the situation, and that will in return help them to deal with similar situations in school in the correct manner. In addition, when it comes to communication skills, teaching our children manners is just as important. We can start by making sure that we as mums use please and thank you at all times, and try to avoid the ‘bad’ words as much as we can. This way we are not only teaching our kids an important lesson but also becoming better people in the process.

These are just some of the cornerstones necessary for our children to achieve school success. It is our job to help them adapt to new situations, gain important knowledge, and most importantly communicate their ideas and thoughts. The best part is that we get to develop and grow as people alongside them. Isn’t being a mum grand?!


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