Enjoy a Romantic Getaway at McMenamin’s Edgefield Winery

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If you are seeking a romantic getaway that offers a horse of a different color…

Look no further than McMenamin’s Edgefield in Troutdale, Oregon. With such a unique character, this establishment is bound to entertain you for more than just a day. There are several small venue locations on the campus among some delicious eating options that promise to satisfy and engage even the adventure seeker.


McMenamin's Edgefield Wine Tasting
McMenamin’s Edgefield Wine Tasting photo credit www.mcmenamins.com

Edgefield's winery...photo credit www.edgefieldwinery.com
Edgefield’s winery ~photo credit www.edgefieldwinery.com

McMenamin’s Edgefield is located in the Pacific Northwest along the Columbia River Gorge Scenic Byway, just 20 minutes from downtown Portland, Oregon, and only 15 minutes from the Portland airport. Built in 1911 on 74 country acres as the county poor farm, it has been carefully restored into it’s original condition. Today it offers over 100 European-style guest rooms in turn-of-the-century decor. Cozy and accommodating, complete with chenille-covered beds, these rooms are designed to provide an atmosphere of peace and tranquility with the absence of televisions and phones. Wifi is available only in certain areas throughout the hotel. Edgefield offers several lodging packages ranging anywhere from Add a Little Romance to Spa Getaway Package.

Edgefield's wine tasting room is a candlelight-cozy and charming...photo credit www.edgefieldwinery.com
Edgefield’s wine tasting room is a candlelight ~ cozy and charming…photo credit www.edgefieldwinery.com

After checking into your room, it is well worth a wander throughout the building and notice the addition of whimsical artwork on walls throughout. Even pipe fixtures and fuse boxes will greatly entertain you with some pretty incredible displays of artwork. Let your imagination run wild.



Check out the movie theater or Ruby’s spa and salon along the way.

McMenamin's Ruby
McMenamin’s Ruby ~www.mcmenamins.com


Ruby, McMenamin’s flame-haired sorceress who adorns their bottled Ruby ale, would not want you to miss her delectable spa complete with an outdoor soaking pool filled with gently heated soft-and-buoyant saltwater that’s free of chemical treatments. Reserved only for overnight guests and spa clients, you will be glad you took the time to pamper yourself. Ruby’s spa offers several package deals among their list of treatments.



Ruby's Spa soaking pool...photo credit ©McMenamins/ Kathleen Nyberg
Ruby’s Spa soaking pool ~photo credit ©McMenamins/ Kathleen Nyberg

The Black Rabbit Restaurant is located inside the main lodge and offers a healthy menu of northwest cuisine and regional, local wines. Herbs, vegetables, fruits and flowers are grown organically throughout the 74 acres and used in the restaurant.


In the adjoining bar are several offers of McMenamin’s handcrafted ales brewed only 50 yards away. You will find a large selection of brews including a northwest pale ale and McMenamin’s standard Hammerhead, as well as McMenamin’s Irish Stout.

Altogether there are 10 restaurants and bars combined on the property. The Power Station Pub is a separate building behind the lodge which originally served as the laundry and power facilities for the poor farm. Today it has a great casual atmosphere with a large menu of pub grub and a movie theater. The grounds of the estate are speckled with tiny little buildings that offer ales on tap with seating for only a few. But no worries, you can take your mug of ale, or wine from the winery tasting room underneath the lodge (for more about the wines, read The Class, Charm, and Family Friendliness of McMenamin’s Winery), and wander the estate to your delight. Gardens, artwork, a pitch-put golf course, and concerts on the expansive lawn will leave you entertained.


The Pacific Northwest awaits you with open arms and good times. Make some memories and come for a stay in the old poor farm. But it is only fair to let you in on a secret. There are little elves that pop out of the woodwork, even shrubs, on occasion. They are harmless so just give them a passing grin and a salute. If you laugh at them you may live to regret it. Munchkins multiply with the enjoyment of McMenamins most excellent brews and wines.

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