4 Essential Fall Fashion Items For Grandma’s Closet~Keep Stylin’ while Chasing those Grandkids.

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Grandma & Grandson ready for outing...Photo by Susan Nelson
Grandma & Grandson ready for outing…Photo by Susan Nelson

When I became a grandma, I was over the moon with joy. I laughed and smiled more than I had since my own adult children were little. My life turned into a maze of rainbow colors and sunshine. Everything around me came alive. I was smitten, and deeply in love.

The very first time the phrase, ” I’m a grandma,” came out of my mouth, I cringed inside just a little. Am I really old enough to be a grandma? Where did the time go? I don’t feel old enough to be one…but I am. Visions of an elderly woman watching her grandkids while desperately trying to catch her breath really scared me. I didn’t want to be like that….I refused to end up like that. I felt young and vibrant inside, and I wanted to express that vibrancy to my grandchild. I wanted to be the one to participate with him in life’s discoveries and wonders. My grandchild was a flower bud, and I wanted to be right there watching each petal unfold.






My grandchild needs a grandma who takes care of herself so she can be involved with him for many years. Yes, I expect he will give me a run for my money at times, but I will do all that I can to keep myself up to the challenge.

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A big part of being an active grandma is wearing comfortable clothes that stretch right along with me. Style is important as well. After all, I like feeling good about myself too. And looking good gives me confidence. There is no reason for us grandmas to dress dowdy. We have every reason to reinvent the meaning of “grandma” by being all that we can be.

Fall is just around the corner and some new wardrobe items are likely to be needed. I know I’m thinking about some fall outfits that look stylish yet work well for all the requirements being a grandma demands. Let me share some of my tried-and-true items with you.

1. Pants

prAna Women’s Tall Inseam Halle Pant, 4, Cargo Green

I look for a long, slenderizing appearance with stretch to them. This usually means some spandex in the makings. PrAna has a good selection that meet those requirements.



Danskin Women’s Yoga Pant, Black, Large

Danskin is impressive, and i’ve never regretted my purchases. They look good, feel great and don’t hug too tightly. I’m tall, so its nice to find them long enough for my legs.



2. Shirts

Finding a good balance of comfort and style can be challenging, but so worth the search!

Columbia Sportswear Women’s Bahama Long Sleeve, Small, Ruby Red

Columbia Sportswear has some great tops. I like them just a bit longer then average below the waist but I also want a bit of form fit as well.



prAna Women’s Bri Top, 100% Cotton

PrAna has that long and sleek look as well. The first one can be used as a pull-over with a tee or camisole underneath.



prAna Living Women’s Lucia Sweater -43% polyester, 42% wool, 13%nylon long sleeve pullover




Prana Vinyasa Hoodie -76% organic cotton, 24% polyester

My PrAna Hoodie is great over a tank top or camisole. It looks great on too with the drawstring accent.




3. Jackets

Quick to put on, these PrAna jackets are the best.

prAna Living Women’s Eliza Jacket -100% polyester, water repellant





prAna Women’s Diva Jacket, Black, Medium





4. Shoes

Shoes are very important. I shy away from lace-up shoes because it takes time and effort to put on. So I keep a small collection of slip-ons that fit well and look great. Most of mine are water-proof as well so I can wipe dirt, mud, etc. off easily.

Sloggers Women’s Rain and Garden Shoe – with comfort insole, water repellent




Steve Madden Women’s Vicktori Fashion Sneaker



Clarks Women’s Christine Tilt Boot




nullSome things to keep in mind when shopping for fall….remember ease, comfort and no fuss items are the way to go. Pants that fit right and are not too tight are important. I would go toward the looser side. They need to stretch some and give as much comfort as possible. The same goes for shirts. I used to wear everything more formfitting but now i’ve eased off and found that I look just as stylish and feel much more comfortable.

Lady pondering

Have fun shopping. I’m sure you have your recommendations and items that work great for you and i’d love to hear about them.

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  1. Super cute dresses Amanda! This style looks great on you. I always want to wear them, but I am so tall, I get a lot of ankle/lower calf action (awkward) I have to expand my search! Thanks for reminding me how great they would be for travel too!capri leggings

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