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Maree Christine

m1Maree was born with an appreciation for all that is beauty.

As a little girl, she loved playing with make up and color. At the tender age of 15, while working in a mall food court, she became accustomed to being approached by makeup artists from neighboring department stores who wanted tips on how she did her winged liner so perfectly.

To this day, Maree is entranced by color and what it can do for the face. She loves the power color has to not only transform a woman’s look, but build her confidence in the process.

Maree started her makeup career behind a beauty counter working for a luxury brand of make up at Nordstrom. Around the same time she enrolled in classes where she learned how to apply theatrical and FX make up. She got heavily involved in the film industry and built her resume with music videos, commercials, TV pilots and web series.

Maree has worked for multiple color and skin care brands and as a result, feels her cosmetic and skin care knowledge is well-rounded and diverse.

Maree is most proud of her ability to teach accidents survivors how to camouflage the scarring on their faces so that they can be confident in public.

“I think what’s beautiful about make up, is it’s not about concealing your face or past, but embracing your natural beauty and enhancing it.”

Maree has an adoration and respect for all animals, and chooses to work exclusively with brands that are cruelty free.

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Beverly Edwards


For 40 years, Beverly has worked in the fine-dining restaurant industry. From Chicago to Salt Lake City to Portland, she has contributed to the success of each city’s most highly acclaimed restaurants. As a result, her knowledge of wine and food is vast, both of which she is passionate about. She currently co-manages one of Portland, Oregon’s most historic and prestigious restaurants. Her position allows her to mingle with some of today’s most exciting winemakers and chefs.

When she isn’t chatting with a wine rep or putting together a food and wine pairing menu, you’ll find Beverly working hard in her beautiful vegetable garden, baking fresh goods and spending time with her three grandsons.

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Isaac Etherington

IMG_0008Isaac is a Helicopter Pilot, Amateur Photographer and Outdoor Enthusiast. He’s a proud father to Paxton Lamont Etherington, his vivacious “mini-me” who will be 2 this year.

When asked about his favorite moment of being a dad (so far), he said

“I’ll never forget the first time Paxton laughed. He was about 4 months old and I was making funny faces at him. All of a sudden his entire face cracked into a smile and he let out a real, authentic laugh. It was amazing.”

Watching his wife give birth and become a mom was a life-changing experience for Isaac. He saw first-hand how hard it can be for new moms in that first year and how easy it is for them to feel isolated. He also experienced the challenge of being a new dad while functioning in his day-to-day life. He realized there is a lack of resources for dads who want to understand what their wives are going through and help in the best way they can. With the belief that being a parent is the most important job he has, Isaac is determined to create a community for dads who want to be in the parenting know. To him, BUB Society is that community all parents need to be a part of.

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Michelle Miller

miMichelle is an American expat, soaking up the sun in Kuala Lumpur, with her husband Alex and their adorable 8 week old son Xander. As an advocate for healthy eating, Michelle creates inventive, produce-heavy meals that are allergy friendly (peanut & soy free), gluten free, and mostly lactose free. Check out her amazing recipes on her blog, Vitamin Sunshine.If you’re a new mom looking for easy to make, nutrient filled recipes, this blog will have you hooked in no time!


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