Lara Jaeger

A graduate of Virginia Tech and mother of two, Lara is a gifted writer who does everything from her heart. It is her sincerest wish that her words reach you like a hug, so that you know you are not alone in this journey. In order to move forward or through emotions, you must feel them, accept them, and then get to the other side. May her articles help you with that process. She believes being a woman is a sisterhood, and she is a loyal sister. Her favorite quote about motherhood is, “At once glance, I loved you with 1,000 hearts.”

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Rose Ayers-Etherington

Rose is a wife to a helicopter pilot, a mom to a crazy redhead boy and a passionate business owner. As an avid, long-time runner, she enjoys participating in half marathons and relay races. Rose is also a lover of fashion and style, and has an especially keen liking for anything vintage Chanel. In her late teens and early twenties, Rose dabbled in modeling, and walked the runway for some of her favorite brands. She is also a filmmaker and lover of cinema. After attending film school at the Northwest Film Center School of Film in Portland, OR. Rose, along with several of her classmates, formed a film collaborate called Jabberwocky Productions. For 8 years she worked alongside her crew making commercials, music videos, feature films and documentaries.

Rose has a strong opinion when it comes to coffee, wine and the treatment of animals. She LOVEs spending time with her girlfriends, values family more than anything else and believes that being rich has everything to do with the relationships in your life!

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Susan Nelson

SusanSusan is a first-time grandma and travel writer. Since the arrival of her grandson, she has been completely caught up in the experience of learning the ropes of grandparenthood. After raising three children of her own, she feels that being a grandma is the best thing ever. Susan maintains our Grandparent section full of great tips and ideas that support the role of grandparenting in several ways.

When Susan is not in her grandma mode, she is usually traipsing across Italy. When she is home, she is writing about her memoirs and travel experiences. As a travel writer specific to Italy, she has a website of articles,, that are guaranteed to inspire you to get out there and see the world. Susan has written several articles for publications, including Italian Talks, L’Italia Americana, Boomer Women Travel and Positano News. She is currently working on a book about Italy’s timeless qualities complete with her own photos.

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