Grandma GORUCK’s Day at the Park

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A day at the park with my grandson 

Who would have thought at my age I’d be toting a backpack with style? To be honest, I’ve never been a backpack kind of gal, except when I was in high school. Those were the Crosby, Stills and Nash days, and backpacks, brown lace-up logger boots and beat-up jeans were all a must-have. Not to mention wearing my dad’s old flannel or army green shirts. I had a lumpy old backpack with me at all times…I practically lived out of it. But that’s been worlds away and long ago.


I have recently discovered the GORUCK Bullet Ruck 10L Rucksack. And to be honest, I’m crazy about it. The reason is this…it is lightweight, long and narrow, so it fits perfectly on the center of my back. I don’t feel like I have “obnoxious wings” sticking out on all sides, and my shoulders are thankful. Unzipped, it has a neat compartment that is easy to organize those things that I need. When my grandson is with me, I fill it neatly with snack items, a diaper or two, wipes, change of clothes, a few small toys, and a hat. 


I’ve grown to love the easy access and style of GORUCK, so I sport it around with my own items neatly tucked inside when I’m doing my thing. I recently spent the afternoon bicycling around town with my ruck sack, stopping at the city park to meet up with friends for a pre-dinner aperitivo. I opened my GORUCK and pulled out a bottle of wine and some delicious French cheese with a side of crackers. I even had a small thin throw rolled up that I unfurled over the grass to sit on. My friends were quite impressed.


I’ve used my GORUCK for grocery shopping, storage for balls and treats while walking my dog, hiking with friends, and just about anything where a purse just won’t cut it.

My life is so much easier when I have my Goruck Bullet 10L backpack with me. It’s so versatile and easy to manage.

Would you believe it has become the subject of conversation more often then I would ever have suspected? What I love to tell those curious admirers is that it’s made of Special Forces grade material and built to thrive in war zones as well as cites. At this point mouths begin to drop…a mature woman sporting war zone accessories?

The streamlined fit is super comfortable, it’s made in the good old USA, and it comes with a lifetime guarantee. I’m rarely caught without my iPad which rides neatly inside the GORUCK 10 liter volume. It’s never too heavy since it has a limit of 35 pounds. Perfect for this lady.


Our afternoon outing ended with a walk among the towering evergreen trees. Memories of happy times and laughter will never be forgotten, only held dearly and richly cherished as the years go by. Thank you GORUCK for making these special moments so much easier.

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