Indestructibles Really Are Indestructible

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Baby and Book

My daughter has always loved books, even as an infant. I read to her a lot, and it was wonderful. Then she got a little older and started being able to move, and she loved to destroy books. D.e.s.t.r.o.y. If it were an Olympic sport, she would have taken the gold medal.

I don’t mean that she just ripped pages out. I mean she would stand on them and pull the covers until they ripped off. She would bite the cover until there was a large enough hole to put her fingers in and rip the covers off. She ripped pages too, but basically she was systematically deconstructing every book she had.

I did a search for indestructible books out of desperation. I didn’t want to give up our reading time because it was lovely (other than the Godzilla portion). I found Indestructibles books, and I got really excited.

I ordered five of them right away.

These books took a beating and are still going strong. She chewed on them, tried to tear them, stood on them, pulled them, and generally tried to mangle them. But they survived. They are some of the only books that survived unscathed.

They are amazingly affordable at around $5.00 each. My daughter particularly liked the ones that had items labelled with words, the ones with faces, and mommies and babies. There aren’t any stories in them, so you get to make up your own. It is actually fun and easier than you would think. I know I struggled at times to come up with something to say because I’m so sleep deprived. But I just commented on the pictures (which are very cute), and eventually it grew into a story. And then the next time it was usually a different story because I couldn’t remember what I said the last time.

I highly recommend these books for anyone with babies. I believe she was around six months when I ordered them, and I wish I had gotten them sooner. I usually let her chew on one while we looked at a different one. (And of course we switched back and forth the whole time.)

Reading Baby

We still look at them even though she finally (almost completely) stopped destroying her books. The pictures are so well done, she still likes them at 2 1/2. And now we have fun making up stories together. Granted, the stories don’t always make sense, but it’s always fun.


Do your kids like books too? Do you guys read together? Leave a comment and let us know your favorite books.


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