Mamapreneuer~ A New Wave of Moms

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work-at-home-mom-scamsSo what comes to mind when you read the word “mamapreneuer?” It rings like a super-mom idiom to me. But let me enlighten you. It’s not, really. A mamapreneuer is a mom who works from home for various reasons that range from the ability to stay home with her baby/children to convenience to you name it. Not all moms want to return to work outside of the home after having her first child. Being a mamapreneuer is an opportunity to be creative, available to the family, and able to nurture your own children in your own way. Moms who work outside the home are amazing as well. We highly respect and support them. A mamapreneuer is just a different spin on work and home-life that is gaining in popularity like hotcakes.

Here are some inspiring quotes from mamapreneuers that are all running successful businesses right from their home~

“The freedom to live life on my terms and the flexibility to enjoy my family. To me, those two things are what make being a mompreneur special.”   Melissa Lanz, Founder and CEO of The Fresh 20

“I’m modeling for my kids what it means to live a life of no regrets.”  Amanda Steinberg, Founder and CEO of DailyWorth

“To help make me a better mom and to help other people feel like they can be better parents; that’s just amazing.”  Jessica Kim, Founder and CEO of BabbaCo

“Being able to put my heart and soul at home and at work into doing something that I absolutely believe in to help the children of the world and their parents.”  Shazi Visram, Founder and CEO (and “Chief Mom”) of Happy Family

“Being a mom has helped me grow to be a more effective leader, and being a CEO has allowed me not to sweat the small stuff and be a better mom. I love that we are raising two boys who value having strong women in their lives.”   Sheila Lirio Marcelo, Founder and CEO of


As you can see, there are many moms out there who have wrangled a great idea and set it on fire. In fact, there is an incredible support system of moms who have stepped up to the challenge of mamapreneuership. Each week we at BUB will introduce a mamapreneuer and discover the challenges, the ups and the downs of being home while bringing in an income. So be sure and join us as we discover not only who the mamapreneuers are but what it takes to create your own business.






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