For The Healthy Mom: 9 Ways To Trick And Increase Your Metabolism

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Are you battling a slow metabolism? Worry not, mama. Here are 9 ways you can trick your body into increasing your metabolism and winning the fight for weight loss.

1. Fill your plate

I once realized while craving chicken parmesan – yet eating a sandwich instead –  that I just wanted to eat more when I didn’t eat what I was craving. I ended up ordering a side of fries and a coke. So basically your brain rejects the idea of substituting or replacing food. This is why gym enthusiasts have cheat days. If you don’t eat enough, you’ll slow down your metabolism even more. So just eat enough, not more and not less. I always order chicken parmesan when I dine out once a week and the rest of the week, I try and get a salad, a sandwich, something grilled rather than deep fried.

2. Wake up early

Breakfast is the key earthlings. When you wake up early and save time to eat a healthy breakfast rather than running around the house because you’re always late to work, you will feel great the entire day. Eating a healthy breakfast also jumpstarts your metabolism and reduces your chances of getting obese. How cool is that? Try eating oats with peaches or strawberries, add milk and make it energy filled by adding your favorite nuts and you have a perfect quick and healthy breakfast.

3. Morning Exercise

The key to starting your day off is working out your snoozed muscles. When it comes to exercising in the a.m., its way more effective considering how an early sweat session may benefit your body, not to mention your to-do list. Not only are morning workouts easier to stick to, but science also suggests that working out early more specifically, before you’ve had breakfast may help the body burn fat more efficiently and increase your metabolism.  So, get on with your cardio or grab onto a pair of boxing gloves and a30-minutee session will lift your mood, focus and metabolism.

4. Love coffee and tea

I know right? I can’t survive a day without coffee. So even if you are a tea or a coffee fan, you get a chance to stay active, not sleep and not get bored at work. It will be your healthy stimulating retreat. Not to mention that tea revs your metabolism by 12% and coffee does the same thing by 8%. So no missing on coffee there.

5. Combine fats and fiber

We all hear people saying that we need to skip fatty foods altogether if we want to get thin. And when I did that, it made me feel so tired all the time. See, fats are one of the major nutrients that our body needs to function. The only thing to keep in mind is to eat non-saturated fats rather than saturated ones. Combine foods that have fiber with fats and that would help burn fat by 30%.

6. Drink a lot of water

Water. The fountain of youth and several other things. Drink at least 6 glasses of cold water every day. It will do wonders for your skin and increase your resting metabolism by about 50-60 calories burnt daily. That means you’ll lose 5-6 pounds in a year and more if you follow other hacks as well.

7. Protein

Lean muscle is made of protein! Add meat to your lunch and dinner and see how it revs up your health and your metabolism. Protein burns as much as 35% of the post meal calories. Vegetarian who? Find the nicest track suit you can find and jog to your favorite steakhouse.

8. Vitamins and Minerals are friends

Vitamins and Minerals give energy to the body as well as strength. So if you feel like you are losing the basic strength to carry out the littlest of tasks every day, you need to stack up on minerals. Start taking a daily multi-vitamin. Try eating vitamin-rich foods, such as lean meats, beans, cereals, and spinach etc.

9. Basic diet plan

Eat healthy in the morning, get antioxidant foods around 10 or 11 a.m, and  fix a fiber enriched salad for yourself at lunch. Drink lots of water and eat nuts and grapes if you want to munch. Get sea food or chicken at dinner and drink a glass of milk before bed. You’ll sleep well and you’ll be happy the next morning.

If you are fighting the weight battle, you may at times feel it’s all a waste of time and money. But the good part is that even if you have inherited genes that give you a slow metabolism, research now shows that you can easily trick your body into thinking: hey let’s burn some calories!

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