How A Busy Mompreneur Can Start and Grow Her Business

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We have all heard the term “Mompreneur”, and we know that moms juggle work, parenting, a social life…it’s no wonder the world wants to know how they make it happen without cloning themselves. But among us mere mortals, mom-hood alone requires professional-level juggling skills, which makes balancing other ambitions and needs quite a challenge.

The good news is, you don’t have to abandon your goals, but you can implement some clever strategies to help your business thrive while enjoying your role as a mom!

Work out your schedule

Even without your role as a parent, a business needs proper structure in order to succeed. From work hours, a designated work area in your home or office, to scheduling regular meetings with your clients, you need clear boundaries, both physical and figurative to manage the workload.

However, mixing parenthood with entrepreneurship often means expecting the unexpected. Sometimes your plans might not work out perfectly, or at all, but an overall sense of direction and routine should exist to steer your business in the right direction.

Do ask for help

Try not to label your need for help as a weakness or a problem, but simply an opportunity to focus on what’s most important at the given moment. Why miss out on your kid’s first school play, or a crucial client meeting if your friends and family have offered to help?

Forming an alliance with a business partner you trust can be another way to redistribute your workload more evenly and devote your time to work and family in a way that suits you best. Delegate the minor tasks whenever you can, and both your roles will be better balanced in no time.

Keep learning

In order for your business to grow, you need to focus on more than just maintenance and the survival of your company. It needs a competitive edge – something that makes it stand out in this already crowded market. To find this authentic business angle that makes you unique, you should always do your best to master new skills and stay ahead of the learning curve.

Anything from visiting lectures, taking business courses to improve your management skills, all the way to finding workshops and conferences related to your niche can help in establishing your authority in your field while growing your knowledge base.

Stay flexible

Every mompreneur has their own pace both in life and business, so it’s essential that you find and respect yours. Strict schedules shouldn’t be constricting, but rather should inspire you to build a firm foundation that is able to survive last-minute alterations. This is why you should learn to recognize which moments in your career require your full attention, and which aspects of your parenting should come first.

When your kids are very young, your business is bound to grow at a slower rate, but as they grow, become more self-reliant and get a deeper understanding of your job, you’ll be able to focus more on professional growth. However, don’t let anyone guilt you into spending more hours at the laptop, or rejecting a project – after all, it’s up to you to determine where the balance lies for you to stay healthy and maintain a healthy relationship with your family.

Stick to realistic goals

It’s wonderful to be driven by excitement and vision, but true success is built on the smallest of choices you make every day to benefit your business. This is why your business planning should be based on actual, manageable, achievable milestones that you’ll set for yourself every day.

The unrealistic, visionary dreams may remain the source of your inspiration, to keep you going when you hit a setback, but setting clear, measurable goals is the only way for your complex, yet rewarding venture to succeed!


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