An All Natural Deodorant That Actually Works For Moms!

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Looking for an all natural deodorant that actually works?

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Before getting pregnant, I never dealt with body odor.

After giving birth to my son, I HAD to wear deodorant…ALL THE TIME! The arrival of excess sweat and body odor is actually quite common for moms, especially for those who are in the first year after giving birth. This change in body chemistry happens for several reasons:

  1. Hormones – During pregnancy, your body produces 100 times the amount of estrogen as it does during your periods. Estrogen is actually a group of 3 hormones: estrone, estradiol and estriol. Click here to learn more about pre and post pregnancy hormones.  After giving birth, your estrogen level drops drastically. If you are breastfeeding, it drops even more. In fact, you’re likely to experience hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and a decreased libido. Awesome…NOT! When your estrogen levels get this low, you will get a taste of what it’s like to go through menopause. Click here to read more about how post-pregnancy and menopause have similarities.
  2. Sweat – Estrogen is responsible for helping to regulate the hypothalamus, which is the part of the brain that controls body temperature. When estrogen levels drop, a false message is sent to the hypothalamus saying that the body is overheated. At this point, the hypothalamus springs into action, causing an increase in sweat production and changes in body odor as a final result. Click here to read more on why decreased estrogen directly affects how much sweat your body produces.

Are you looking for an all natural deodorant that actually works? Lavanila is made with the best ingredients and it keeps you smelling amazing all day!

There are all types of things you can do to combat your post-pregnancy body odor (click here for some all natural, home remedies). For me, my world was rocked by an all natural deodorant my sister recommended: Lavanila. I was doubtful at first, because I’ve tried several of the popular all natural brands, none of which impressed me. BUT…ladies get ready for this, the Lavanila deodorants really do work. And they smell amazing!

About Lavanila

Lavanila is a pioneer in the natural body product industry. They are known for their 100% healthy, smart, modern and luxurious deodorants. All of Lavanila merchandise is made from pure, natural and organic ingredients and completely free of harsh chemicals. Something I find particularly cool is that they’re committed to producing breakthrough products that deliver dependable, long-lasting results. The Lavanila products are full of high-powered antioxidants, vitamins and the natural oils your skin needs.


Why Go Natural?

According to this article by Mother Earth Living,

“Lack of knowledge and a fear of sweaty armpits—a subject no one wants to talk about—may make you shy away from natural deodorants. But you shouldn’t disregard the concerns surrounding some of the ingredients in conventional deodorants and antiperspirants. Every day we slather these products under our arms, an area where many lymph nodes lie close to the surface of the skin.”

The ingredients in question in popular deodorants is parabens and in antiperspirants is Aluminum. Unfortunately, aluminum is also a known neurotoxin that has been linked to breast cancer and neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. It’s important to note that research has not come up with any definitive data concerning the connection between aluminum, parabens and breast cancer. With that said, going natural with our beauty products is always a great idea. Choosing the healthy route, especially when it comes to what we put on and in our bodies, just makes good sense. 🙂

Click here to read more on the studies that have been conducted concerning the connection between parabens, aluminum and breast cancer.

Lets Talk Deodorant

This is where the conversation gets fun. Lavanila offers a variety of yummy, fresh and long-lasting scents. My personal favorite is the Vanilla Coconut, but I’m finding that I tend to gravitate towards different scents for different occasions. Vanilla Passion Fruit on date night is guaranteed to score you some points! And if you’re shopping for your man, we encourage you to give the Sport Luxe Vanilla Breeze a try.

Below is a list of Lavanila’s deodorant scent options.

Are you looking for an all natural deodorant that actually works? Lavanila is made with the best ingredients and it keeps you smelling amazing all day!

Pure Vanilla

Vanilla Coconut
Vanilla Grapefruit
Vanilla Lavender
Fresh Vanilla Lemon
Vanilla Passion Fruit
Vanilla Blackberry
Vanilla Summer Mini
Vanilla Breeze – Sport Luxe
Fragrance Free Super Sensitive

We hope you try and enjoy Lavanila Healthy Deodorant. And while you’re at it, check out their Healthy Body Butter and Healthy Sunscreen!

To learn more about Lavanila, click here.

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