For New Parents: How To Safely Bathe Your Baby

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Bathing your baby is a great way to spend quality time together. It also helps your child get into a bedtime routine that will help them sleep better. Playing and relaxing in the bathtub is vital for your child’s stimulation as well as hygiene. Bathing your baby can be daunting at first but you will soon get used to it. Have a look at these tips on how to safely bathe your baby.

Using a Baby Bath Tub

After the umbilical cord has fallen off, you can bathe your baby in a bathtub. You shouldn’t do this every day as too much bathing can dry out your baby’s skin. Instead, try bathing your baby every two to three days. A baby tub is best for bathing your little one in. Baby tubs are convenient for you and safe for your child.

You don’t need to spend twenty minutes bathing your baby; five minutes is sufficient enough. Take into account that your child may have a screaming session, to begin with until they get used to the water. It can be scary handling a wet, wiggling newborn. Stay calm and keep a firm grip on your baby and you will be fine!

Bathing your baby is a great way to spend quality time together. It also helps your child get into a bedtime routine that will help them sleep better.

Safety Tips

Keeping your baby safe while bathing is necessary. Here are some safety tips:

Never leave your baby alone: If the phone rings or there is a knock on the door, always take your child with you. Even if your child can sit up on their own, never leave them alone.

Never put your baby in the bath if the water is still running: Water can become too deep, too cold or too hot quickly by doing this. Instead, fill the tub up before placing your baby in the tub.

Make sure the water is the right temperature: 37 to 38 degrees is reasonable and safe for your baby to bath in.

Step By Step Bathing Instructions

Get Organized. Gather up the baby’s clothes, towel, shampoo, toys and anything else you need during bath time and make sure they are within reach of the bathtub. Lay out a towel near the tub to transfer your child to after bathing. Make sure the room is warm, so your baby doesn’t catch a chill.

Run The Bath. In general, the baby bath tub should be filled with about three inches of water. You can always check the temperature by using your wrist if you don’t have a thermometer. It should be warm but not hot.

Undress Your Baby. Undress your baby and begin to place them in the bath. Try to make them smile and comfort them if they are unhappy in the water. Gently slip your baby into the water with their feet going in first. Always support the head and neck. During this time, pour small cups of water onto their head, back, and chest, so they don’t get cold and gets used to the water.

Routine Washing. You can use mild soap, gentle shampoo or whatever baby cosmetic you like. Be careful not to dry out your child’s skin. Use a washcloth to gently wash around the ears and nostrils.

Rinse Well. Make sure you rinse your child well and that no shampoo or soap is left on their skin, this could cause irritation. Carefully lift your baby out of the tub onto a dry towel. Have another towel on hand to gently your child dry. Apply mild lotion to moisturize your baby and then dress quickly to avoid your child getting cold.

Invest in The Best Bathing Equipment

Bathing your baby is an important part of the day. Making sure you have the right equipment is important. Investing in a baby bath tub is safer than using a regular washing bowl. This will make bathing easier for the parent. Having a quality baby bath tab is highly recommended. 

Think about bath toys which will make bath time more enjoyable. Always have a soft washcloth on hand, a clean towel and baby safe cosmetics.

Enjoy this bonding bond. Children grow up too quickly, and soon they won’t want you to bathe them. These moments are precious so make as many memories as possible.


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    1. I agree, the first week of bathing is so nerve wracking! But once I saw how the water calmed my son down, I also calmed down a bit. 🙂 Sounds like your little guy is natural swimmer!

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