Pumpkin Patch Kid

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Wake up, little sleepy head. It’s time to visit the Pumpkin Patch. Let’s bundle you up because the weather is overcast and a bit mysterious. The fluttering leaves and cooling temperature is all the better to enjoy the autumn harvest.

You slept all the way in your carseat as we bumped along country roads and into the heartland of pumpkin fields. Wisps of mist passed over the fields while flocks of geese made their way across grey skies. By the time we pulled up to the pumpkin patch, you were awake. It didn’t take you long to make your own way through the farm yard.


“Hmmm…gotta check this out,” was the look on your face. Your mood stayed serious but your eyes gave you away. You were our Pumpkin Patch Kid, and your fun was just about to begin.


Super cool…daddy set you up on a real live tank, decorated with flags. The better to see pumpkin fields too!


Our next romp took us to the fire truck. We climbed up the back and sat high on top. The fireman drove us around the pumpkin patch while he turned the truck lights on. Everything looked so much smaller from up there.


Holy smokes, baby goats! You had never seen one before….how cool is this?


Pumpkins need water and you brought a bunch. This is serious business…

With so many pumpkins we had to cart you around. You insisted they come home in threes.

It was a full morning in the pumpkin patch. You ran and jumped and danced to music and petted little animals and road a choo choo train and…..you were exhausted.


After we loaded you up in the car with your pumpkins, we drove for home. Within minutes, you were sound asleep. It’s been a big day for the Pumpkin Patch Kid!


Sleep well, my little man.


Happy, scary pumpkin faces…casting shadows on all of our faces.



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