Stylin’ Dude in His Mockys Shoes

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After months of searching for the perfect leather baby shoe, I finally found it. I did not come upon it easily, mind you. My quest was full of obstacles: many a baby store visit and countless Google image searches that always led me to a dead end. That was until I stumbled upon Mockys: stylish Baby Moccasins made 100%  out of quality leather. Immediately impressed with their class and ease, I finally got my hands on a pair of the Slate Grey Baby Moccasins.

I love them, and here’s why:


  • pax1The leather is high quality. Flexible yet sturdy. You get that cool “artisan made” feel from them.
  • I love that Mockys are ready made. All you have to do is send them your baby’s feet measurements and Walla! You have yourself some custom made leather Mockys.
  • The elastic allows you to slip the Mockys on to your baby’s foot with ease. It’s flexible yet very secure.
  • They go with everything. You can use them to dress your baby up or down. My favorite outfit to pair them with is a nice pair of jeans and a studly little button up.
  • They come in several vibrant colors. From Strawberry Red to Banana Cream, you’re guaranteed to find a color that suits your little one.
  • The leather frill keeps my son occupied on long car rides (Thank You Mockys!)



Mockys is also pairing their moccasins with adorable outfits and selling them as a package. Super cute and convenient! Check it out.



Do you want to see more? Visit Mockys at




A special thanks to our talented photographer, Isaac Etherington.

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