It’s Time To Take A Break Mom!

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Laundry done – check.

Bathtub scrubbed – check.

Car washed and vacuumed – check.

Baby bathed, nails clipped – check.

Bills paid – check.

Grocery shopping done – check.

Take a shower, brush my hair, sit and relax with some tea for 5 – …….. Ummmm…what???

The above list was my daily routine for the first two years of motherhood.. I pulled myself out of bed, made that list, focused and attacked. All I saw was what needed to be done to keep the ones I love happy, healthy and safe. This was all great except for one little missing piece: I, me, the MOM wasn’t taking care of myself. Every night I would go to bed thinking “I’ll call that friend tomorrow, I’ll get that haircut this week, Ill go to the gym this weekend…” But my growing to-do list just got longer, and the opportunity to “take a load off”  floated further away. Before I knew it, I felt lost in the sea of “being mom,” and I knew I needed to make some changes before I crashed.

Moms, our health and well-being should be at the top of our to-do lists. Sure, being a mom involves much sacrifice, but it doesn’t require us to be martyrs. Our happiness, health, dreams and overall well-being are important. In fact, it’s crucial for the health of our families that we are well rested, emotionally fed and cared for. Taking time for yourself is not selfish, it’s essential.

The holiday season, although my favorite time of year, can be stressful. With all the shopping, catching up on work, cooking and social gatherings, it’s easy to feel drained. That’s why we at BUB Society want to challenge you to take a break and relax, even if it means saying no and hurting some feelings. Remember, YOUR health is essential for the health of your family! By taking a break you’re doing everyone a favor.

In order to promote the idea of moms taking more time for themselves, BUB Society has partnered with partnered with (amazing) mom blogs Amazing Meets Healthy, Food Smart Mom, The Gingered Whisk, Jennifer Powter, Pulling Curls and Vitamin Sunshine to offer you a giveaway that will inspire a little adventure and relaxation in your life. Enter to win the following:


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Total Value: $335

Giveaway runs December 7-14, 2016.

Mom’s Pampering Gift Pack Giveaway!



Mom’s Pampering Gift Set Valued at $335


More Ideas for the Busy Holiday Season:


A word to the wise mom:

Benjamin Franklin said it best: “When the well is dry, we know the worth of water.” Moms – lets keep our wells full and overflowing!



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