The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift (Psssst…Dads!)

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With Mother’s Day on the near horizon, many have embarked on the hunt for that perfect gift, the one that will make mom feel extra special.

Because she is special.

She’s the hot coffee in the morning, the healthy sack lunch at school, the clean folded laundry in our dresser drawers, the warm hug, listening ear and the glue that literally holds everything together. How do you adequately thank someone like this? She’s a rockstar, a champion and an angel, the one person who who will love you no matter what.

Since becoming mom, I now see a backside to mothering that I didn’t realize existed. The one that involves locking myself in the bathroom so that I can just breath, and sometimes cry in private. The constant anxiety that I’m not doing enough, that my child needs more, or I’m somehow messing up. Or when I’m hit with the realization that I haven’t slept more than 4 hours straight since having my baby, I haven’t bought clothes or cut my hair in 2 years.  Despite what you might think, this isn’t a sob fest, because I have no regrets, and I’ve never felt so deeply, so committed to anything in my life. Being a mom is grueling, and demands the best of me…the best I’m happy to give because I love my child, my little family, more than anything. And finally, becoming a mom has opened my heart to fully appreciate my own mother, and the years of unconditional love she has shown me.

So, what is the one thing that a mom needs most?


And here’s how you can give it to her.

Sunsets and Skies is putting on a one day rejuvenation event for moms. This will be a day full of rest and relaxation as they decompress, re-calibrate, and recharge for the beautiful and abundant months ahead.

Event: Sunsets and Skies Rejuvenation Day Retreat

When: May 7, 2016

Time: 8:30a to 4:30p

Where: Chambers Bay, Washington. Address to be disclosed upon registration.

Cost: $190

Register Here


More About the Event

Join mindful moms in this day of rest and relaxation as we decompress, re-calibrate, and recharge for the beautiful and abundant months ahead.

Your hosts TAMMY SCARLETT, LIZA STANLEY, MELODY SMITH, and DEVON MICHELLE are collaborating in this ultimate rejuvenation day for moms!

A message from Tammy at Sunsets&Skies:

I asked a dear friend of mine about why she was so overcome by joy at the thought of a day given truly to her, for her… for her growth, her betterment, her recuperation. “What is it about what you feel day to day as a mom that you wish you didn’t feel, that makes you thirsty for a break, for a chance to recharge?”

After a long pause, she answered.

“Guilt,” she said, “…for not doing enough. For not reading to them or paying enough attention or for not being home enough. I worry for their progress and development. Are they far enough along? Are they getting enough vegetables? If not, then it’s my fault.”



If you find yourself feeling guilty as a parent… if you don’t have enough time… you feel like there just isn’t enough… like you just aren’t enough. If you’ve lost yourself in the shuffle… if you could use a break, need to take a breath, want to soak up some love and feel the possibility of refreshment, I have something to tell you: You are a rockstar mom. You are more than enough. AND YOU CAN HAVE EVERYTHING YOU WANT.

Giving yourself the gift of making space for what you really need is the first key to shifting the pattern of you not getting enough, and consequently you not feeling you are enough. GIVE YOURSELF ONE MOMENT OF TIME.

Just having returned from two years at Harvard with a wealth of new studies in tow, working this past year specifically with women in facilitating breakthroughs, I am back in the Pacific Northwest from my jewelry studio cabin in Vermont, bringing real solutions specifically for moms, both deeply resonant and easefully practical.

A quote from Chelsea W.-

“Tammy not only has dealt with a wide variety of experiences, but has the compassion and empathy that is needed for this work. This is work that stays with you and changes you. I always walk away feeling lighter, acting more in my whole self, and ready to take on life.”

Choosing to take time for you will set your internal clock, and your God-given powerful subconscious mind, toward a pattern that is full, abundant, plentiful, rewarding… who you truly are- more than enough.

At the Rejuvenation Retreat you will find rest and relaxation, women who will meet you in kindness and support- no mom to mom judgement here! You will get a chance for peace, for reflection, for asking and maybe even answering things within yourself you didn’t realize you had been missing out on. You will be blessed by an abundance of body and mind nourishing raw vegan gourmet (including Cashew Blanca’s award-winning cheesecake!). You’ll feel the kiss of fresh organic botanicals on your skin. You will feel your truest sense of you, in your purpose, in your freedom, in your light. And you’ll be whole and refreshed, ready to walk forward into the gleaming wonderment of your life.

If you know this shift, this peaceful pause, this Rejuvenation Day, is exactly what you need, reserve your space amongst the dearest ladies by registering today:

Click Here to Register.

A select number of scholarships are available for a limited time, so if you are a mom who wants to be nominated or know a mom you’d like to nominate, click on the link here to be included in the review:

Click Here to Nominate a Mom.

If you want to gift this retreat to a mom you know desperately needs and moreover immensely deserves it, lovingly provide it for her here:

Click Here to Gift a Mom.

Rejuvenation Day Retreat Details:

Take a deep breath. With a spacious retreat location on the water at Chambers Bay, we’ll begin the day with grounding breathing and stretching, led by Liza Stanley.

Plan to get comfy! Think yoga pants and tea. Formality is not what we’re after this particular relaxation day, so floor cushions and blankets will take the place of standard seating. As a group, we will move into a time of intention setting and envisioning. Facilitated by Tammy Scarlett, this will be a set-aside space for each woman to slough off the layers of daily life and explore what she wants most, and what makes her come alive.

Feel it in your body. Throughout the day, each attendee will have a mini massage session with Liza Stanley or Bethany Joy. Everyone will have an opportunity to experience the bliss of the botanical line of organic spa treatments, provided by Liza.

Nourish yourself. A light healthy snack will be ready upon arrival to fuel our morning. Our midday meal is being lovingly catered by Melody Smith of Tacoma’s own Cashew Blanca.

Invite freedom. Adorned with a fresh sense of life, each woman will enjoy a custom attuned set of personalized support tools to take with her as she moves forward into the future she knows she will love.

The cost of the retreat is all-inclusive and all events listed above are covered in the price to attend.

Meet the Hosts

Tammy Scarlett, Faciliator, Sunests & Skies

Liza Stanley, Aesthetician, Shine Day Spa

Melody Smith, Raw Vegan Caterer, Chasew Blanca

Devon Michelle, The magic of the day will be captured by Devon Michelle Photography

More about Sunsets & Skies


FB_IMG_1460252948558From the time Tammy Scarlett was a young girl, creativity and artistry were key parts of her make up. She wrote songs and created works of art (worthy of more than being magnetically posted on the refrigerator).  She enjoyed disassembling her mother’s jewelry and putting the pieces back together with new materials, creating something entirely new and one-of-a-kind with every such endeavor.

Fast-forward 20 years and find that creative little girl transformed into an intellectual, yet whimsical spirit caught in the worlds of retail management and the financial sector. Where would such a woman find an outlet for her inner need to passionately create?

It wasn’t until Tammy returned to her childhood ways of artistry in jewelry making that she found a way to perfectly balance her gifting through the creation and launch of Sunsets & Skies in 2012. Tammy’s unique set of talents have given her the distinctive ability to create expressive works of art for people to wear, be inspired by and share.

design desk companions






Tammy has been doing custom made meaningful jewelry since 2012, creating pieces for moms and grandmas, anniversary pieces, and all other kinds of pieces that are significant to people. Her dreamcatchers are in high demand right now.  The delicate aesthetic combined with the symbolic strength of protection of these pieces is profound.  It is resonant to individuals who want to have a tangible expression of their unique personhood.


Dreamcatcher 2
The past two years, Tammy has been working on her Masters in Anthropology at Harvard, with a focus on Love and Imagination as powerful catalysts in moving social and personal barriers and making malleable, perceived limitations, and possible, new realities.  [her undergrad was a double major in Psychology and Business].

She does one-on-one sessions with women (or men, but her clientele right now is primarily women) that she calls Breakthrough Facilitation.  In these sessions she uses what she’s learned in her studies and in her life experience, to guide an experience for women that is self-affirming, intentional, empowering, and healing. They practice intention-setting in clear, resonant, and reach-able terms. They practice envisioning, defining, and living into what we want (which sounds simple, but it’s actually one of the most challenging things to do, especially for busy moms!)

To view more of Tammy’s work, click here.

We hope to see you at this unique event!



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