Top 6 Tips For Getting Kids To Clean Their Rooms

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Kids and cleaning: not a great match.

Before you get irritated with your child’s messy room, ask yourself, do you enjoy cleaning you own? Probably not, I mean who does? However, as an adult you’re well aware that regular cleaning is necessary if you want to keep your personal environment pleasant and comfortable. In time, children will recognize this stipulation as well. But while they’re still young, it’s in everyone’s best interest to not expect them to understand the importance of this chore in the same way you do. With that said, even cleaning can be fun for your kids if you present it in the right way.

1. Making The Bed Every Morning

You should definitely talk to your children about the importance of making the bed every morning and how satisfying it is to get in that made up bed in the evening when all you want to do is sleep. Some kids may find this interesting enough. If they don’t, you can try transforming this particular chore into a game. A child’s bed is their fortress. You can have them take care of their “fortress” every morning like a true princess or a king. Moreover, children love to compete with their parents and siblings. You can have them make their beds and then compare the end results with each other or with you. If you don’t like this idea you can also play the game of “who’s faster” every morning. Simply enter their room and shout that the race starts in 3 – 2 – 1 – now!

2. Putting Laundry In The Hamper

The best way to get your kids to separate their own dirty laundry is to place a hamper in their rooms. This may take some time for them, but stay consistent with your rules. Ask for their hamper when the laundry day comes and explain that there’s nothing you can do about it if they didn’t separate their laundry on time.

3. Keeping Their Clothes Neat And Organized

If you want to make sure that your kids keep their garments neat and organized, you need to make the organization fun. The first thing that can influence this particular habit development is the wardrobe. With so many interesting choices for wardrobes, you can get your hands on spacious yet kid-friendly wardrobes. More space will help your kids organize their clothes better. Getting colorful clothing hangers is also a nice trick. Moreover, you can show your kids how to organize their clothes with specific colors or seasons in mind and use your own wardrobe for inspiration. If they need to fold their clothes, you can make your own cardboard clothing folder that will make this task a lot more interesting.

4. Taking Care Of Their Toys

Children who understand the value of their toys are children who will gladly take care of them. With that in mind, try to focus on teaching your kids gratitude so that they feel satisfied with the toys they have without constantly asking for more. If they love their toys and care about them, there will instantly be less mess and clutter. It’s also important that the kids feel like their space truly belongs to them. You can achieve this by allowing them to decorate their rooms the way they want. You should also encourage them to decorate and even design their own special toy box. Let the kids choose their own toys and décor and they will care about them a lot more.

5. The Question Of Vacuuming

Vacuuming their room may be a little bothersome for kids. In the beginning, this is definitely something that you should do together for a while. However, in order to make the vacuuming task more fun for your kids, create a truly special atmosphere. You can play their favorite music and dance as you vacuum. Also, you can have your kids run from one wall to another as they vacuum while you measure their run time as well as the cleanliness of the floors and rugs. That way they won’t be just running around but paying attention to what they’re doing as well.

6. Praise For Progress

If you want to organize a cleaning session, make sure to take a picture of your child’s room before and after the cleaning. This will show them just how much more beautiful their room looks when it’s tidy and organized. Of course, don’t forget to praise and reward them once they do a good job. However, don’t make the praise all about you and how they do well when listening to your instructions. Act truly surprised and proud that they can manage the cleaning task so perfectly, and compliment them on their independency and sense of responsibility. This will show your kids that cleaning can not only be fun, but also rewarding and praise-worthy.

Kids and cleaning: not a great match. Before you get irritated with your child's messy room, ask yourself, do you enjoy cleaning you own? Probably not, I mean who does?


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