Top 4 Home Buying Tips for a Growing Family

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Lets talk about family home buying tips.

Once upon a time, it wasn’t uncommon for a family to live in one house for several decades, even passing the home on to the next generation. Today, the average home buyer owns two to three homes in their lifetime. Often, a growing family increases the need for additional room and a larger home.

When your family has outgrown their current home, it’s essential to consider four important tips when looking for your new, larger house.

1. Determine Number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms Needed

If you know the minimum number of bedrooms and bathrooms needed, it helps to narrow down the home search. A family of four may prefer at least three bedrooms and two full bathrooms to make the morning rush less stressful and for adequate privacy. However, when budget doesn’t allow for a single bedroom for each child, then it’s essential to determine which children will share and to think ahead to the future.

Do you need an extra bedroom to serve as a guest room or to use as a home office space? Can a single extra bedroom work both as an office and a space for guests when needed? Consider how you may use additional bedrooms, now and in the future.

2. Consider How Floor Plan Will Work for Now and Future

Does your growing family prefer a home with a floor plan where there are walls that separate areas like the kitchen, dining room, and living room? Maybe a home with open flow and sight lines works better? A home with an open concept can make it easier to keep younger children in sight while preparing meals and may even allow for more family time. If you plan to host holiday dinners, a large dining room and guest bathroom on the main floor may be must-haves for your floor plan wish list.

For family with younger kids, a dedicated hang-out space may not be a priority — yet. However, as the kids get older, a second family room or finished basement may be needed. Of course, it’s hard to find a home that fits every want and need you may have short of buying new construction.

3. Location Makes a Difference

A safe, friendly neighborhood always tops the list for location preference for a new family home. In addition, there are several other factors to consider.

  • School proximity: Determine whether you need a home in a specific school district or close to your children’s current school. Is the home on the school bus route or will you need to provide transportation? Maybe you’re looking for a home that’s within walking distance of your preferred school.
  • Work proximity: Think about your work commute before buying a home. If the new location significantly increases your commute, you may want to consider another home that’s closer. This can be a critical factor when you have kids — the longer the commute, the less time that’s left to spend together as a family.
  • General location: For busy families, the ideal home is located in a neighborhood that’s close to parks, shopping, places to eat, and things to do. A quick check of Google Maps can determine what’s near the home you’re considering and if the location meets your needs.

4. Estimate Importance of Outdoor Living Space

If your family includes any animal companions, a backyard or proximity to a dog park becomes part of the equation when deciding on homes. Growing families may also want to consider the home’s outdoor living space and how it can be used. If the community pool is nearby, maybe you don’t need the more expensive house with the large pool in the backyard. An outdoor kitchen is great for families who enjoy cooking several meals a week on the grill, while space for a garden may be perfect for those who love fresh produce.

Every growing family is unique and with a home buying plan in hand, you’ll be able to find the perfect place to fit your lifestyle and needs. Seek out a real estate professional and let them know what your situation is, and what you would like to look for. Finding the home of your dreams is much easier with an agent on your side.

Lets talk about family home buying tips. Once upon a time, it wasn't uncommon for a family to live in one house for several decades.



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  1. I like your advice to consider how close the home you are considering is to a good school or district. Since our family is growing fast, my husband and I are planning on buying a new home. We will be sure to find a family house that is close to a fantastic school for our kids.

  2. Thanks for the tips for buying a home. My wife and I have young kids, but we want to buy a new home soon. I like that you mentioned to think about where your home will be in proximity to schools. That is something that will be important for our kids.

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